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Try January, not Dry January…

Ah, January. We meet again. We know wine isn’t at the top of everyone’s thoughts this month. Those beautiful Bordeauxs and characterful Champagnes, carefully stashed throughout the course of the year and lovingly brought to the Christmas table, are but a memory (or empties waiting to be dropped at the bottle bank). Belts are being tightened, both fiscally and physically, after the indulgences of December, and February still feels distant on the horizon. 

But never fear – all is not lost! If you are one of those committed souls choosing not to partake in Dry January or are on a bit of a health drive, you can still enjoy yourself this month. As per usual, we’ve chosen two wines that suit the season and the mood, and taken a bite out of the price for the duration of lunch service every day – or if you’re one of our VIP Club members, all day all month – so that you can give yourself a little treat from our wine list. We also give you a little bit of info on the wines so that hopefully you find a new favourite in the space of your lunchtime, or at the very least explore more of our list than you might ordinarily have done. 

If like us you spent most of the festive period drinking indulgent whites and dense, structured reds, you may be relieved to see that this month’s wines are a little lighter on the scale. For the white, we’ve chosen an old favourite – Albariño, in this case from the family of Benito Santos, who was somewhat of a pioneer and saviour of the Albariño grape variety during the mid 20th Century. We love this wine for its freshness, its elegance, and for the fact that it’s organically produced (no mean feat considering the cold, wet climate in north-western Spain) and contains minimal sulphur – proof that a January health kick and a love for wine aren’t mutually exclusive.  

Try it this January…

Albariño, Benito Santos, Rias Baixas, Spain (12.5%) 2018 Btl: £30 175ml: £7.5 125ml: £5.5 

This month’s red is Henry Fessy’s Morgon. The Beaujolais region, often much maligned due to the flood of poor quality Beaujolais Nouveau in the ‘80s and ‘90s, actually produces some wonderful wines from the Gamay grape that are similar in style to the Pinot Noir of neighbouring Burgundy but often at a fraction of the price. When done well – as with this Morgon – the wines are packed full of fruit, gentle tannins and a fresh, perfumed finish that leave you wanting more. Domaine Henry Fessy has been making wine here since the late 1800s, so it’s fair to say they know how to get the best from the region, and they’re firm believers in sustainable environmental management and minimal sulphur use.

Try it this January…

Morgon, Henry Fessy, Beaujolais, France (13.5%) 2017 Btl: £30 175ml: £7.5 125ml: £5.5

What’s not to like?

Posted 1st January 2020 by Harry Christie

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