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The Rotisserie

Why do we use rotisserie ovens at Bel & The Dragon, I hear you say?

Rotisseries are one of the ultimate machines we own and nothing cooks quite like them. Conventionally, we use them to slow roast a variety of meat dishes such as our signature Roasted Suckling Pig with Crispy Crackling & Spiced Apple Chutney or Organic Baby Chicken with Sage & Onion Rings and Bread Sauce. This self-basting method is a consistent way of evenly cooking roasts and achieving a crisp golden skin, whilst allowing the meat to retain its superbly succulent juices.

In game season, we slow roast Hampshire Partridge and serve with Braised Red Cabbage & Game Chips, however, they can be used to prepare any number of dishes – pineapple is a personal favourite of mine.

Visually, it is also a stunning piece of kit and always creates a buzz with our guests. We often have a younger audience looking through the kitchen pass, watching the rotisseries spin.

See it in action…

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