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The Josper

Some of the kit we use is out of this world as far as I am concerned….

The Josper Oven – the way they are made is so simple yet so effective. It is essentially a box barbecue loaded with charcoal and surrounded in ceramic & stainless steal. It is a beast of a machine; treat it wrong and it hurts you.

The ultimate thing about it is the way it cooks food. We keep our ovens at a holding temperature of 450 degrees celsius which seals the meat whilst retaining all of the moisture inside. The charcoal embers provide the heat and enhance the meat with a charred smokey flavour. Every now and again you open the Josper to let air in, which reignites the flames and literally sets the meat on fire.

It is quite possibly the most respected piece of kit we have in our kitchens.

See it in action…

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