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Kingsclere Homegrown Produce

We have enlisted the support of the children of Kingsclere Primary to design, build & tend to our Kitchen Garden. By teaching children about food, where it comes from, how to cook it and how it affects them, we hope to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to cook from scratch, as well as forming positive eating habits as they grow.

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The summer months are not the only time of growth in our garden. Our hardy broccoli loves plenty of water and sunlight (but not too much heat) which in turn provide us with two crops a year (spring & autumn). Just as well for we use a lot in our dishes both roasted & raw.

Brussels Sprouts

Our super sprouts are maturing steadily thanks to some TLC from our garden team and we have it on good authority that they will be ready for Christmas lunch. We think they are delicious if cooked properly and they also happen to be an excellent source of essential vitamins.


We love a freshly dug, earthy homegrown carrot. What’s more, they can make the ordinary dish extraordinary. We lift them from August through to October and use in a multitude of dishes.


Nothing better signals the start of summer than an abundance of homegrown courgettes. Our homegrown crop is full of flavour and we love that they are reliable, versatile & easy to grow.


Our dependable elderflower rewards us with fast growth, a sea of blooms and a harvest of berries – many a happy hour is spent foraging amongst the leaves and the pick is perfect for our homemade elderflower cordial. Also known as summer in a glass.

Runner Beans

We love our crunchy, sweet runner beans, not least because they supply an abundant crop all summer long – a perfect accompaniment to many a dish. Furthermore, they provide a free fertiliser for the soil.

Herb Garden

We use a variety of fresh herbs to add flavour to a multitude of savoury & sweet dishes alike. The best bit is that most of our greenery comes from our very own herb garden so it is right at our fingertips.


Onions are a staple in our kitchen and we love that they are easy to grow and available all year round. Nothing is more satisfying than plucking a fresh onion from the soil. Or so our garden team tell us.


Our tomatoes are a labour of love. We work hard to nurture the fruit and use our crop in the kitchen whenever possible. After all, you cannot rival the flavour of a fresh homegrown tomato straight from the vine.



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