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Root To Table: Thatcham Butchers

If like me you appreciate fine food and have a taste for beef, then you may well have heard of Thatcham Butchers. Having built their name & reputation over many years, now serving many top restaurants & hotels throughout the country, their proficiency in meat retailing has won them critical acclaim and much respect within the food industry.

Bel & The Dragon have worked closely with Thatcham Butchers for many years. We share a common passion for great produce and continue to source some of the finest beef that England has to offer. What makes it so special? Thatcham believes that it is important to treat all animals with respect, giving them the freedom to move and access clean water & fresh food. What’s more, they have taken things to the next level recently installing a bespoke dry ageing Himalayan Salt Chamber which is used to aid the ageing of the meat.

The design is part of the Berkshire-butchers newly built, state-of-the-art beef dry-ageing fridge, complete with high-velocity fans and dehumidifiers which together draw the moisture from the air and meat, resulting in a unique quality dry aged beef. Needless-to-say, we are delighted to be one of their first customers to offer this brand new concept on our menu.

Our Sunday Roasted Rib-Eye of Beef served with Yorkshire Pudding, Fresh Horseradish, and all the trimmings is simple cooking at its best and tastes delicious. The high degree of tenderness and flavour (facilitated by its dry-ageing) makes it perfect for Sunday lunch but anything more would be gilding the lily. No fancy accompaniments necessary. You cannot fault this theory when the quality of the ingredients is so exceptional.

Cooked lightly in the Josper to gently sear the exterior & achieve the desired colour, the meat retains all the moisture & delicacy inside. The charcoal embers provide the heat and enhance the meat with a beautifully charred smokey flavour. This is quite possibly one of the best pieces of meat you will ever taste.

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