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Our Top Two Transitional Wines

‘Tis the season of transition and the wine options are limitless, says Harry Christie our Head of All Things Wine. If you relish the pleasure of a good glass of wine then discover some delicious, characterful and stylish varieties that will see you through autumn at Bel & The Dragon.

Love Rioja? Try… Rioja Reserva, Izadi, Spain (2014):

Few wines scream autumn quite like Rioja – bold, rich and packed full of flavour from the Tempranillo grape and extended ageing in French and American oak barrels. Some more traditional styles of Rioja, however, can end up a little leathery and hard work – not so Izadi, who produce wines in a more modern, approachable style, balancing classic tobacco and spice with soft rounded red fruit.

Made by the extremely talented Ruth Rodriguez, this Reserva (meaning the wine has been aged for a minimum of 3 years before release) is the perfect choice for both sipping next to an open fire or putting up alongside the meatier elements of our menu. We tasted a pretty exhaustive range of Reservas (it’s a tough job and all that) to find one we thought would work best – and the fact that it’s sustainably produced never hurts either.

Love Chablis? Try… Gavi di Gavi, Villadoria, Italy:

Gavi – made from the Cortese grape in Piedmont in the north-eastern corner of Italy – is very much a wine of the moment, and it’s not hard to see why. Often cited as Italy’s answer to Chablis, there are many similarities – from the lean, citrus and pear-driven profile to the mineral-rich chalky soils that lend a distinctive note to the finish. Our Gavi di Gavi comes from the superior-quality vineyards on the hills above the town of Gavi and is made by the Villadoria family estate. Treat it as you would Chablis – fish, white meat or a little mid-week treat to yourself.

Posted 15th October 2019 by Harry Christie

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