Meet The Team: Rouxle Mooney

Describe Bel & The Dragon

A good country inn serves good food & offers a good night away. We all know that. A great country inn needs to deliver more. What really makes a great country inn is a consistency and attention to detail – attention to every little detail, right down to the freshly picked herbs, the glassware, the cushions, the books on the shelves, the tartan blanket at the foot of each bed. If all of these ingredients are in place then the recipe is a winning one. Bel & The Dragon is somewhere that I would choose to eat & stay.

Describe your role at Bel & The Dragon

I have been creating afternoon tea, pastries & puddings for Bel & The Dragon for nearly 2 years now and my role as pastry chef continues to interest, challenge & inspire me. Sure, I understand the scientific principles, weigh the ingredients properly and trust my instincts but the outcome must always be beautiful. When it comes to pudding or any sweet treat for that matter, the artistic presentation is everything. People want a feast for their eyes as well as their palates.

I work long days and spend many hours on my feet either cooking or training my team. This takes both stamina & strength, and patience is definitely a virtue. It is also good to have a sense of humour; we laugh and have fun together as a team.

What do you enjoy about your role at Bel & The Dragon?

Creativity is in my blood. Whilst my mother favoured gardening, from a young age I felt more at home experimenting in the kitchen. Nevertheless, we have a mutual appreciation for order & precision. Serendipity is not part of the equation when a carefully crafted plan comes together. At the end of the day, when I create a new dish and a guest enjoys it, that feeling is priceless. Fulfilment is a great reward.

What do you love most about Bel & The Dragon?

Bel & The Dragon is an exciting place to be; in the kitchen, the spirit & energy is always high. We all work hard and are driven by the golden rule that you are only as good as your last meal. Do not think for an instant that you have finally succeeded.

Favourite dish

There are many. However I never tire of our Classic Apple Tarte Tatin and neither would it seem, do our guests – it’s beautiful.

Top tipple

Our Espresso Martini offers the best of both worlds – a coffee & cocktail in one sip. How can you top that?

Posted 5th August 2017 by Rachel Borland

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