Meet The Team: Andrew Crompton

Describe Bel & The Dragon

It is all about the guest. After all, creating a memorable experience is paramount and every decision we make has to be about them. Each Bel & The Dragon has its own individual personality but many elements remain consistent in terms of the food, wine, decor, homely touches & of course the warm welcome. 

Describe your role at Bel & The Dragon

There is no doubt about it, my work is interesting & varied. In my role as General Manager at Bel & The Dragon Odiham, I am responsible for overseeing the entire operation and yes, from time to time that involves rolling up my sleeves to fix a broken door handle or tend to our kitchen garden. Being efficient, attentive, sincere and able to preempt situations before they arise are a must. At the end of the day, it is all about anticipating the needs of each & every guest and exceeding their expectations. Much of the groundwork is laid before service has even started.

What do you enjoy about your role?

I am a people person and enjoy the social interaction & diversity that my role brings. My team is like family and the wonderful thing about a tight-knit community like Odiham is that our guests are a part of it. Furthermore, time never stands still. There is always plenty to do. 

What do you love most about Bel & The Dragon?

I like to think there is more to Bel & The Dragon than numbers. In fact, I know there is. I am here because I love the product and am proud to work for a company that believes in its values: human, ethical & ecological. Personal touches, such as the complimentary Sipsmith Damson Vodka & Sipsmith Sloe Gin, boost customer loyalty and, in turn, the bottom line.

Best Bel & The Dragon dish?

Our Marinated Veal Chop with Lemon Zest & Rosemary is the veal deal. Please excuse the pun.

Top tipple?

Our bar team mix up a mean Mojito. 

Posted 15th February 2018 by Rachel Borland

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