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A Visit To Thatcham Butchers

A passion for good quality, locally sourced produce has always been a focal point for us at Bel & The Dragon, which is why we have worked hard to build a strong relationship with our suppliers; one of whom is Thatcham Butchers who were only too happy to invite some of our team to their Berkshire base.

A short drive from our Kingsclere inn, Thatcham Butchers started life in 1985 as a small retail shop. Fuelled by a reputation for quality produce & expert knowledge, the company now supplies meat to many top culinary establishments in the south.  It was therefore with great excitement that our team entered their purpose-built plant to learn more about where some of our signature dishes came from.

After a quick costume change, & some fashionable hair nets, our team was ready to explore. We started with the newly built dry-ageing fridge. The custom designed room houses high-velocity fans and dehumidifiers to draw the moisture from the air, a consequence not lost on the team members upon entering. The effect on the beef however is a lot palatable, and the flavour it imparts has made it a favourite for our traditional Sunday Roasts.

After being escorted through the maze of fridges, holding an array of lamb, beef & pork, we were shown over to an impressive looking machine. The futuristic device was it turned out used to produce sausages. After an impressive display of skill from the Thatcham team it was over to Bel & The Dragons to try. Despite a slightly over eager trigger foot our team were still able to produce restaurant quality sausages.

Up next was a display of butchery skills of the utmost quality with our Chefs picking up a few skills ready for service that evening. I think I speak for all when I say that it was an incredible learning experience and opportunity to understand and share the core values of Thatcham Butchers.

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