Root To Table: The Real Cornish Crab Company

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20th June 2016 by Ronnie Kimbugwe

I love England at this time of year, not least because our shores produce an abundance of fresh seafood. The Real Cornish Crab Company are artisan suppliers of real Cornish handpicked crab – true to their name, only the best quality and best-tasting crab is selected. Owners & friends, Mark & Emma Rowse have been in business for 20 years and their first class produce and sustainable & traceable fishing practices make them our partner of choice.

The Rowses own a fleet of four crabbers which provide up to two tonnes of live crab a week, guaranteed to have been caught in Cornish waters. They are cooked, picked and sold fresh “from pot to platter” in 24 hours. I have experience of the process and if you have not picked a crab then let me tell you, it is an intricate task. Once the meat has been scooped from the main body and claws, the sweetest meat must be pulled from inside the soft main skeleton. Of course, there are quicker ways of separating the meat from the shell but according to Mark, this exercise must be done by hand. I couldn’t agree more. Like making anything by hand it has a quality all of its own.

In my opinion, such a delicacy should not be overwhelmed by other ingredients: the great thing about fresh crab is that it is meaty, full of flavour and requires little accompaniment to create a masterful dish. There are many ways to enjoy this most versatile of seafood – our Linguini of Devon Crab & Fresh Chilli with Chopped Parsley & Garlic Oil, Devilled Crab with Salt & Pepper Salad or Salad of Devon Crab & Avocado with Baby Spinach, Chilli & Sweetcorn are fresh on the menu this season. Trust me, it doesn’t get much better than this…

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