Root to Table: Laverstoke Park

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25th April 2016 by Rachel Borland

“You are what your animals eat. Healthy soil means healthy grass, healthy animals, healthy meat and healthy people.”

This is the philosophy behind Jody Scheckter’s enterprise at Laverstoke Park Farm. Founded almost half a decade ago by the ex-Formula One driver, Jody wanted to make tasty, healthy food for his family and so he set out to do just that. Needless to say, he did not stop there, quickly deciding to make his food available for us all. With 2,500 acres of parkland, he was able to fulfill his ambition and luckily for us, they are located just a few miles from our door, in Hampshire.

It goes without saying that Laverstoke Park is not your average farm. At Bel & The Dragon, we believe that their passion for quality produce, organic principles, and approach to natural farming are the reason they may such good food and we are immensely proud of the partnership. There are absolutely no compromises on any ingredients or recipes and they have complete control over all of their processes. Today, the labels of Laverstoke refer to more than 20 different types of grass in their fields and all of their products are made on the farm, ice cream included.

Milk is, of course, the foundation for any ice cream recipe but theirs is wonderfully creamy, and in our opinion stands out from the crowd. Made using buffalo milk from Laverstoke’s herds, it is completely free of chemicals & additives. Whether you enjoy eating ice cream on its own or as an accompaniment, quality should never be compromised. What’s more, it offers a welcome refreshment on a warm sunny day and we have it on good authority that those days are just around the corner. You heard it here…

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