Root To Table: Clarence Court

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10th May 2016 by Kaz Suzuki

One of the great advances in British food is that everyone can enjoy a beautiful fresh egg – the sort of eggs traditionally sold by farmers. What’s more, the general wellbeing of the bird has significantly improved in recent years. Okay, so a genuine free range organic egg may cost a little more but who wouldn’t prefer to know the bird that laid it enjoyed a good quality of life?

Clarence Court state that their “free range eggs are a class apart” and breeder Phillip Lee-Woolf has taken egg mindfulness a step further – each box is labelled with the name of the particular breed. At Bel & The Dragon, we share this passion for quality produce and agree that their eggs can make the ordinary dish extraordinary.

Gladys May Duck Eggs are our favourite. The translucent ivory white eggshells have a light colour and exceptionally creamy yolk. What makes them even more special is the fact that these rare breeds are well cared for; allowed to roam & forage freely through farmyard & fields. They eat a vegetarian diet including plenty of grass & corn.

Little satisfies more than the sight of healthy contented birds, except dipping toasted soldiers into a soft-boiled egg. In fact, you will find Clarence Court eggs in various guises on our breakfast, lunch & à la carte menus this May. One thing is for sure, they will crack a smile every time…

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