Pass me another canapé please

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2nd November 2015 by Rachel Borland

With Christmas just around the corner, the party season will soon be in full swing. ‘Tis the season for bountiful platters of rich, robust flavours. The sort of group-oriented soul food that creates a warm ambience and will allow the festive spirit to pervade. I am referring to canapés…

Canapés have acquired various definitions. Some people use the word to describe any small appetiser that you can eat in one or two bites. Others insist that it must be a decorative mouthful on toasted bread. At Bel & The Dragon, we believe canapés should be easy to eat but most importantly a pleasure to taste & behold.

From Pink Peppercorn Squid and Devilled Crab on Rye Toast, to Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Rosemary & Mint Hollandaise and Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies, we offer a full array of fabulous soul-stirring delights that are sure to create plenty of good cheer this festive season and beyond.

Our Canapé Menu is available now at all of our country inns for groups of 10 people or more, and costs from £13 per person.

Please contact your country inn of choice to discuss your event and to book now.



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