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14th June 2016 by Olivia Stanton

Bel & The Dragon have always favoured local produce. Our seasonally inspired menus also draw inspiration direct from our own homegrown harvests and change frequently depending on what we discover in our kitchen gardens. We work hard to make as much as we can on site – this is genuinely how we run our kitchens.

At Bel & The Dragon Kingsclere, we have taken it a step further enlisting the support of the children of Kingsclere Primary to design, build & tend to our kitchen garden. By teaching children about food, where it comes from, how to cook it and how it affects them, we hope to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to cook from scratch, as well as forming positive eating habits as they grow.

During their last visit, the children (or Garden Dragons as we christened them) planted a variety of herbs & vegetables using the garden designs that they had created as a guide. Here is just a selection of the produce that was sown…


The boys worked together building bean teepees to support the runner beans. They trained the plants around the poles with gardening twine and here they will continue to grow throughout the summer.

Onion (15)

Meanwhile, the girls marked out rows for the onion seedlings with string to keep the row in a straight line. They made holes in the soil at regular intervals and took great care separating & planting each set. 


Several little faces grimaced at the mention of Brussels sprouts but we agreed to give them a go. After all, no Christmas lunch would be complete without them. We think they are delicious if cooked properly from fresh and they also happen to be an excellent source of essential vitamins.


The children chose a sunny spot to plant the carrot seeds and gave them a good water. At the end of the summer, they will return to lift them from the soil. This way the children will get to see the whole process from seed to plate. 

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