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3rd May 2016 by Ronnie Kimbugwe

The British asparagus season traditionally runs from St George’s Day (23rd April) until the summer solstice (20th June), but in truth, it is never quite as straightforward. Asparagus is a temperamental soul and will not raise its head above ground until the soil temperature reaches 12 degrees celsius. Some years it is early, others it is late; that is just the way it is. One thing is for sure, British asparagus is a fine crop – vibrant, tender, grassy, sweet and a true indicator of spring.

At Bel & The Dragon, we believe that local produce is the freshest & tastiest there is and that fourth-generation farmers, the Chinn family, in the Wye Valley, near Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire, produce the best British asparagus. The family farms 3,500 acres, of which a third is dedicated to asparagus production under the ‘Wye Valley‘ label. Their attention to quality, sustainable farming methods and the natural advantage of their location, makes them our partner of choice.

When it comes to cooking asparagus, simplicity is key. This May, we will be grilling the delicate stems and topping with a soft-yolked poached egg. After all, eggs and asparagus have a natural affinity. Add a touch of shaved truffle & watercress to the mix and you have yourself a lavish light lunch or sumptuous starter.

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