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15th February 2017 by Georgie Kukielka

You may have heard musings about a revolutionary new system which is changing the way we drink wine forever… Well here at Bel & The Dragon we have been trialling this innovative system over the last year in a few of our country inns. We are so in love with it and how it is able to open up our wine list to our guests that we launched it across all of our Bel & The Dragons sites in February 2017.

The Coravin Wine Access System, invented by Greg Lambrecht when his wife was pregnant and he didn’t want to have to drink just one wine at a time, allows you to pour wine from a bottle without removing the cork. This means you can drink what you want, when you want it, enjoying as wide a range of wines as you like without opening a whole bottle of each. The Coravin System keeps the bottle sealed, so you can return to your favourite wines weeks, months or years later.

For us this is exciting because it means we can offer our guests wines by the glass that we were never able to offer before, meaning if you wanted to try a number of our amazing Cellar Wines on an evening it could have set you back several hundred £s. Not anymore. Thanks to our new wine offering and this revolutionary needle-through-the-cork device, you can simply order a glass from your preferred bottle. The wine that remains in the bottle will continue to evolve naturally. No need to pop the cork.

Our monthly selection of Iconic Wines By-The-Glass will be available at all Bel & The Dragon’s and feature some of the greatest vintages of the world’s most sought after wines. What’s more, we are proud to offer these wines at restaurant prices rarely seen anywhere else.

Each month we will also be offering you a chance to sample the forthcoming wines with our Cellar Wine Tasting* events.  These will enable you to try a small amount of our wines we will be offering by the glass that month and learn a bit more about them from one of our Wine Ambassadors, what better way to help you decide what to drink with your supper?

Join us every month for our Cellar Wine Tasting for your chance to try our Iconic Wines By-The-Glass. Explore & enjoy wine like never before at Bel & The Dragon.

*Costs £15 per person and includes three cellar wine samples. Second to last Wednesday of every month. Bookings must be made 48 hours in advance & group bookings are welcome.


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