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27th January 2016 by Kaz Suzuki

What really drives me to be the best I can? My inner creativity, my desire for perfection and to make people happy. However perhaps greater still, the craft of cooking offers its own reward. Cliche or not, I believe that there is satisfaction in a job well done. I share that satisfaction when I cook for guests at Bel & The Dragon at The George, located on the cobbled streets of the picture postcard village of Odiham in Hampshire.

How it all began? Born in Japan, I moved to New Zealand at the age of 14. Cooking quickly became my passion & creative outlet and I studied hard before moving into chef school and hospitality. I set my sights high and was fortunate enough to work with and learn from some incredibly talented people. A number of international private chef roles shortly followed and gave me the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures and foods. Nothing else was worth changing career for. My dream to work in the UK became a reality when I met Joel Cadbury in Toulouse in 2010. Over the next 4 years, I made a number of short trips to the UK to work with Joel and finally made the move long-term two years ago. I have never looked back.

I love creating new dishes, writing menus, the excitement of service and the satisfaction of seeing clean plates return to the kitchen. Imagine doing that every day, and having the pleasure of working with a truly great team. I know which side of the kitchen door I want to be.

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